Lakum and the environment go hand in hand. When selecting chemical substances and mixtures for technologies, we consider their safety properties. We look at the environmental aspects of production activities systematically and take preventive actions to minimise their negative impacts. The main companies of the Lakum group are involved in the EKO-KOM a. s. system for the fulfilment of obligation to take back and recover packing waste and are authorised to use the trademark. LAKUM-KTL, a. s. holds the ISO 9001:2015 together with ISO 14001:2015 quality system certificate. LAKUM-AP, a. s. and LAKUM-GALMA, a. s. have undergone this certification audit successfully and obtained a certificate pursuant to ISO 14001:2015. LAKUM-AP, a.s. also holds a certificate pursuant to the standard IATF 16949:2016.

The story of Czech components installed in cars throughout the world

Lakum a purely Czech brand Makes such as Audi, Bentley, McLaren, BMW, Škoda Auto and other world-famous car makers trust the quality and professional work of Lakum staff. The companies under the Lakum brand make up a wholly Czech firm with no foreign capital. This gives us a strong competitive advantage because we can react flexibly to our clients’ needs. We are proud of our stable team, pulling together We have been bringing sheet metal to life since 1998. We started from zero in a rented hall with a few colleagues. Supporting our people has always been our main priority, and they have helped us to build a group that gives work to more than 500 employees at three different plants in the Czech Republic. We can thank our colleagues for the success of Lakum and Massag. Our stable teams or experienced professionals in all key positions are evidence for the fact that we pull together. The atmosphere of a family firm means that we retain experienced experts who can pass on their knowledge to younger people. As a result, we do not lose the highly prized know-how, and along with the customer’s team we can participate in the development and optimisation of components in our field. Our experience, your competitive advantage Expert experience and participation in research in the field represent for our clients a powerful evidence of our reliability and expertise. We search for solutions where the others have given up. This reflects positively in long-term relationships with our customers. Firms from the Lakum group rely on different technologies and production processes. Know-how and the great knowledge of our key employees make us a stable, strong partner.


Code Of ConductCode of conduct Technical and delivery conditions of LAKUM-GALMA, a.s.TDC - LAKUM-GALMA   Certificates Lakum KTLČSN EN ISO 9001:2016ISO 14001:2015 Lakum APIATF 16949:2016ISO 14001:2015Quality assurance agreement for purchased input Lakum - GALMAIATF 16949:2016BS EN ISO 9001:2015BS EN ISO 14001:2015


  An extensive range of recognised certifications demonstrates high quality and adherence to standards.


We manufacture precision products of the highest standard for demanding customers.


We help you with the design and advise you during development.


The right employees are the best asset for us.


We meet the strictest demands of the automobile industry.


We work long term with the best manufacturers on the global market.

We are Lakum Group

Experience. Guarantee. Cost savings.

We are not just an ordinary supplier who makes products according to your requirement.
We are Lakum Group - an intelligent manufacturing company.

We have been
gaining experience
since 1998
Hundreds of millions of
of customers

We help customers implement their products
whilst preserving the highest standard.

We are precise down to the smallest detail.

We provide a complete service in the working of sheet metal, tubes, wire and surface finishes.
We help you with the design, advise you during development, ensure the pre-production phase and mass production.

We have been on the market for our customers since 1998.

The key employees have a lifetime of experience in the field.

We believe in long-term partnership, and customers do not leave Lakum.

We are not afraid of complicated projects - we always propose realistic solutions.

Lakum takes responsibility for the final guarantee. We guarantee our work, even in the case of any cooperation.

Meeting deadlines is crucial to us.

Production flexibility, conforming to the customer in terms of deadlines and changes in the course of production.

We fulfil what we promise, and we do not promise the impossible.


Surface finishes




We have several technologies under one roof - we will reduce your logistics costs.

What we cannot manufacture ourselves we can ensure in cooperation with our verified partners of long standing.

With regard to cooperation, our existing customers appreciate our active approach to specifications and assistance during the research and development of products.
We can also help you with logistics, assembly and other cooperation.
Another advantage of cooperation with us are the extensive possibilities for optimisation of production costs.

Active project consultation

Gaining of source materials for drawing up a price offer

Drawing up price offer in cooperation with technical department

Presentation of price offer

Negotiations about cooperation conditions

Supply of prototype items

Programme timetable

Evaluation of documentation and manufacturing feasibility study

Active cooperation with customer and proposals for component optimisation

Preparation of source materials for generation of price offer for sales department

Creation of internal technical documentation

Ensuring production of first prototypes

Optimisation of production procedure

Start of mass production

Creation of metrological programmes

Measuring of manufactured parts and presentation of results

Creation of documentation of manufactured part according to customer requirement.


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